Magistrate Eustace Drummel

Magistrate of Eastwick


Magistrate Drummel is an enormous man, easily over 500 pounds, with bushy, balding red hair and a distinctive waddle when he walks (which is rarely). He dresses in the latest fashions from the capitol, which usually means he is swathed in silks and lace with extravagant cuffs and collars.


Eustace Drummel began his career in Bretony as a lowly bureaucrat, coordinating logistics on the Eastern front during the annexation of Arabi. After Arabi had been pacified, Drummel was rewarded for his dedicated service with a position in the local government of Eastwick, a small island on the border between Arabi and Bretony. He quickly rose through the ranks due to a keen mind and a talent for obsequiousness, and was eventually appointed magistrate, governing the entire island. As he improved his station he also acquired a taste for luxury, be it food, art, clothing, or women, and he used his newfound station to indulge that taste.
Now that the eyes of the Throne have turned north to Archadia, Drummel rules over Eastwick as his own private fiefdom, largely free from the influence of the central Bretonian government. He has instituted steep taxes on all of his citizens, and sends just enough back to Albion to keep anyone from becoming inquisitive, siphoning off the rest to fund his increasingly expensive habits. He recently married his sixth wife, and there have long been rumors that when he tires of his wives he arranges for “sea voyages” from which they never seem to return. While the people of Eastwick have chafed under his rule almost to the point of rebellion, they are kept in line by the knowledge that he has powerful friends in the Bretonian military protecting him, and a Royal Blastmage on his payroll who is all too happy to burn out any signs of dissent.

Magistrate Eustace Drummel

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