Aficionado of the Most Exquisite & Ensanguined of Delicacies


Oghenekevwe Sibonakaliso “Althea” Alemayehu Serkan

“We celebrate death as the grand punchline to the joke that is life.”

Althea has an air to her that makes others instinctively uneasy; whether this comes from her closeness and comfort with death, or her habit of judging the potential flavors of those around her is unclear.

Althea is selfish, arrogant, and blunt. Or, perhaps, practical, self-assured, and forthright?

Height: 176cm
Weight: 80kg
Skin Tone: Burnt-Umber/Ebony
Body Type: Athletic, “Pear” shaped, Broad shoulders
Eyes: Dark Purple/Red
Hair: Black/Brown Dreadlocks with a Reddish Tinge

She is keenly aware of her personal power, and revels in it—both the physicality of a creature of meat and blood and bone, the inherent mystery and sexual control of a woman; as well as the gifts she has received from her Godhead. She gains no small enjoyment from inflicting pain and pleasure on others.

She also revels in feeling each and every emotion. She is particularly fond of anger, glee, and anguish.


Althea is one of the mysterious Sauvage that live in the swamps outside of Orlean. Like many of her people, she believes in the innate importance and power resident in death, decay, and poison.

Oghenekevwe Sibonakaliso Alemayehu Serkan bears the ceremonial markings, makeup, and garb of one of the deadly Priestesses of Carnage. The shamanic blood magic she wields, proves that these trappings are not simply for show.

Althea has, for reasons as-of-yet unclear, left the comfort of home, and taken to the sea. She has yet to be invited to stay on a ship for any great length of time, and is (more often than not) found wandering idly through various ports.

She has been left at port, on shore, or on deserted islands without her “crew” letting her know that they were leaving several times. She sees this as the natural order of things, and has never taken the abandonment personally.

Perhaps, because of her inability, or—more accurately—her dislike, of restraining herself: she is a great lover of food. This takes no purer form than when she prepares and consumes the flesh of the sentient. The upside being that she is an actually fairly accomplished and talented chef.


Althea Artwork:
Black & White Image – “Voodoo Priestess” by ComicMunky
Color Image – “Vodou” by Scebiqu


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