Lieutenant Sebastian Carver

Royal Artilleryman


Lieutenant Carver is an unusually handsome man, with sweeping blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a regal profile. He often smiles but his smile never reaches his eyes. His uniform tends to be rumpled and his appearance is generally unkempt.


Sebastian Carver was a farmer’s son on a small island in the North of Bretony, raised for a life of toil and poverty. However, he discovered a gift for magic early on in his life, and enlisted at the Royal Academy to learn how to control his powers. He had a natural gift for magic but his arrogance and temper tended to alienate those around him, and upon his graduation he was garrisoned in Eastwick rather than being assigned to a royal warship as he had hoped.
In Eastwick, his lack of compassion and talent for violence caught the eye of Content Not Found: null, who took the young blastmage under his wing and made him his personal enforcer. Despite the strong objections of the garrison commander, Captain Thornquist, Carver has become the de facto military leader of Eastwick with Drummel’s backing. He enforces order, and in return Drummel gives him free rein to indulge in the petty tyrannies he enjoys.

Lieutenant Sebastian Carver

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