Endless Horizons

The Jaws of Eastwick
In Which a Ship is Acquired


Returning to the village of Eastwick, the Castaways found the town in chaos. Carver, the magistrate’s right-hand man, had withdrawn the garrison to the twin forts guarding the harbor, the Jaws, and turned their cannons on the town. The Castaways fought through Carver’s loyalists and an infestation of horrifying grub-creatures and confronted Carver atop the northernmost of the Jaws, where they pushed him to his death on the jagged rocks below. Carver was not alone, however, and the band were confronted by the Glutton, a fallen god who had been posing as the Magistrate’s son Leland and boosting the Magistrate’s fortunes in exchange for regular sacrifices. The Castaways managed to defeat the Glutton and finally free Eastwick from the Magistrate’s cursed rule.

In exchange for saving the town from Carver the Castaways were allowed to take the Magistrate’s newly-commissioned frigate, The Bountiful Maiden, and finally at sea again they set out for new adventures…

Experience Gained:
300 XP for defeating Lieutenant Sebastian Carver
500 XP for defeating The Glutton
200 XP for acquiring The Bountiful Maiden

Loot Gained:
The Bountiful Maiden

Women of the Night
In Which Our Heroes Seduce a Politician


The Castaways found their way to Eastwick, where they entertained a job offer from Lieutenant Sebastian Carver, right-hand man to the local Magistrate. Carver offered them a letter of marque as privateers in return for wiping out a local cult that had been causing trouble for the magistrate. As they considered the offer, the Castaways were approached by an employee of the local Madame, Sweet Mags, who directed them to the Iron and Silk, a wrecked pirate ship which had been converted into a brothel.
Mags offered to help the group break into Content Not Found: null‘s private villa, where they were promised riches, in return for rescuing her former employee and the Magistrate’s current wife Talia from the mysterious fate that had met the man’s previous six wives. Before they embarked on Mags’s mission, they made contact with the Rockfang Clan, the cult that Carver had asked them to wipe out, and arranged passage off of the island for them and their god in return for their support.
After being disguised by Mags, the Castaways took a carriage to the Magistrate’s villa, where they were presented to the Magistrate himself so that he could select his entertainment for the night. The Magistrate made the mistake of selecting Althea, who promptly drugged and butchered him. The crew walked off with as many valuables as they could carry and the captive wife, but not before disturbing something that had been living in a well hidden deep below the Magistrate’s private chambers.

Experience Gained:
150 XP for allying with the Rockfang Clan
150 XP for rescuing the magistrate’s wife
200 XP for assassinating the magistrate
= 500 XP/character

Loot Gained:
Magistrate Eustace Drummel’s Seal and Stationery
An ornate silver circlet, with a ruby in the shape of an eye set into the forehead.
A polished hand mirror set in a carved mahogany frame.
A copper wine-goblet, adorned with silver nymphs.
A golden locket with a small boudoir portrait of Magistrate Eustace Drummel inside.
A black velvet mask of the pleasure-god Theontes, likely from a production of the opera “Drink Deep the Queen’s Nectar” (now banned by royal edict)
A fine golden bracelet with “To my beloved Talia” inscribed around its circumference. Upon closer examination, the bracelet has been designed so that the nameplate may be easily swapped out.

Crew Gained
30-odd members of the Rockfangs, a clan of hunters from the highlands of Eastwick.
Actaeus, God of the Hunt.

Dead Man's Chest
In Which Our Heroes Discover a Map

“Lost and found and nearly drowned/and stranded in a tree,
the pirates found themselves marooned/denied their life at sea,
with wits and steel they cut a deal/and made a common cause,
but little did they know they sailed/into the viper’s jaws.”

The Ballad of the Roundtable Pirates Castaways by Rothas Menteur (work in progress)

Our scurvy band of brigands washed ashore on the isle of Eastwick, on the Eastern border of Bretony. While serving last rites to their unfortunate companion Bartholomew Spencer, they discovered a treasure map tattooed on his back and a note home hidden within his filth-matted beard. The party relieved him of both the map and the note before commending him to a semi-dignified burial at sea.
After an awkward encounter with a stranger in the woods, our miscreants came upon the farming village of Bloody Bay, where they were treated to a less-than-friendly reception. They learned that the people of the village were on edge due to a series of increasingly bold kidnappings by a local band of slavers. The party investigated the kidnappings and eventually managed to trail the kidnappers into the nearby woods, where they stealthily crept into the camp and took the slavers completely by surprise. After a fierce battle, our crew managed to free the kidnapped family of farmers (and a bizarrely-named local leatherworker with a penchant for cutting throats), convince one of the slavers of the error of his ways, and bring the leader of the band back to Bloody Bay to await his rightful punishment. However, shortly after the arrival of Lieutenant Sebastian Carver, the representative of the local constabulary designated to carry out the leader’s execution, the man and his guard were both found dead. Our piratical party now heads for the village of Eastwick, with an offer of potential employment from none other than the local magistrate…

Experience Gained:
200 XP for defeating the slavers
50 XP for finding and preserving the treasure map
50 XP for discovering some of the clues behind the Donnellys’ disappearance
= 300 XP/character

Loot Gained:
One (1) Treasure Map Made of Human Skin
Forty (40) Gold Crowns
Two (2) Crossbows
Twenty (20) Crossbow Bolts
One (1) Rusty Machete
One (1) Well-Made Rapier
One (1) Fine Feathered Tricorn Hat
Five (5) Suits Boiled Leather Armor
Various Farm Implements and Musical Instruments, Purloined

Crew Gained:
Vincenzo “Sniffles” Luca, A Thug
Ameara Catherine, A Tanner

The Tragic Fate of the Invincible
In Which Our Heroes Set Off to Sea


“The pirates thought their fate was sealed/upon the gallows high,
They gathered their courage and held their backs straight/and readied themselves to die,
When from the depths there came a beast/foul, ravenous, and great,
and dragged the great ship to its doom/and set them to their fate.”

-The Ballad of the Roundtable Pirates by Rothas Menteur (work in progress)

At a hidden naval base deep within Bretonian waters, construction was well underway on a massive ironclad warship with which the Bretonian Navy hoped to crush Arcadia once and for all. Built in utmost secrecy, the ship was constructed by crews of death row prisoners, who were almost certainly bound for a watery grave upon the completion of their task. As fortune would have it, a new convoy of prisoners arrived just in time to witness the tragic fate of the mighty warship.
By chance, by design, or as a dreadful answer to the Bretonian Navy’s hubris, a mighty leviathan rose up from the depths, seemingly intent on dragging the ship below. Seizing the initiative, a group of pirates, cutthroats, and degenerates made a break for it, fighting their way past the blindly loyal Colonel Thaddeus and making their escape from the ruins of the naval yard clinging desperately to a floating table. As a massive storm sweeps them away, what new perils does the merciless sea have in store for them?

Experience Gained:
150 XP for defeating Colonel Thaddeus
100 XP for escaping from the wreck of the Invincible
50 bonus XP for breaking free from the chain gang
= 300 XP/character

Loot Lost:
All worldly possessions.

Loot Gained:
One (1) set of keys
Eight (8) feet of sturdy chain
Two (2) sets of Queensiron Manacles
One (1) fancy but ill-fitting naval colonel’s coat
One (1) ceremonial officer’s sabre
One (1) kitten, slightly damp

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