The oldest of the Bretonian provinces, Arabi has ruled over the long band of islands to the west of Weissburg for thousands of years of recorded history. They are known as the Golden Isles for both their sandy beaches and their vast wealth. Their access to precious gemstones and luxury goods, and the highly defensible location of their major ports, has allowed them to survive and prosper through the rise and fall of numerous larger and more powerful nations. Rather than being conquered, Arabi voluntarily became a province of Bretony rather than endure a protracted and costly siege. The nobles of Arabi know that empires come and go, but wealth is forever.


Arabi is made up of a chain of nearly a hundred islands, curving north-south around the western border of Bretony. The northernmost islands in the chain are largely desert, but moving south down the chain they grow more and more fertile until you reach the lush jungle of the southern islands. The far south islands are also home to several active volcanoes.


Arabi is a feudal society, with around forty nobles each holding absolute power over their territory and responsibility for those who live in and work their land. The nobles in turn contribute to a communal military tasked with defending the whole of Arabi. Every noble can trace his or her bloodline thousands of years back to the founding of the nation, and the politics of marriage and inheritance are the subject of many a song and story in the Golden Isles.


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