Living weapons of exceeding precision and destructive power, the Royal Artillerymen (or Blastmages, as they are known by their enemies) are one of the Breton Empire’s most lethal weapons. Those who choose to train as Artillerymen enlist at the age of fifteen and spend a decade at the Royal Academy in Weissburg drilling in magical techniques passed down by the Queen Herself. Of those who begin the training, only a fraction are sanctioned as Artillerymen, and their trainers demand nothing less than perfection, for even the slightest flaw in one of their powerful destructive spells could have disastrous consequences for the Artilleryman and the ship he serves upon.

Artillerymen are highly disciplined soldiers who treat magic not so much as an art or a science but as a hammer, one that they have been trained to wield swiftly and unerringly. Enemies of the Empire live in constant fear of falling under their gaze, but the Empire itself is similarly wary of the power that they wield. To break the Queen’s Law, disobey an order, or go AWOL is an immediate death sentence for an Artilleryman, and rogue Artillerymen command some of the highest bounties in the Empire.


Spellcasting: See Blastmage Spellcasting

Controlled Detonation (Level 2): When you cast a spell that affects other creatures you can see, you can choose a number of them equal to 1+ the spell’s level. Those creatures automatically succeed on their saving throw and take no damage instead of half damage.

Collateral Damage (Level 6): When a creature succeeds on a saving throw against one of your damaging cantrips, the creature still takes half damage from the cantrip.

Weavers of Destruction (Level 10): Add your Intelligence bonus to the damage of any spell you cast.

Burnout (Level 14): When you cast a spell of the 5th level or lower that does damage, you can choose to have it do maximum damage. If you use this feature again before a long rest, you take 2d12 fire damage per level of the spell. This damage increases by 1d12 per use before a long rest.


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