In a world full of veteran warriors, powerful mages, and gods made flesh, some of the most dangerous people on the face of the planet can still be found down at the corner pub. Brawlers don’t rely on fancy weapons or combat training to save them in a fight; all they need is their instincts, a bit of luck, and maybe a chunk of a table. And while more disciplined soldiers may scoff at their reckless and unrefined technique, the true veterans know that if you look down your nose at a brawler in the midst of a full-on drunken rage, you’ll likely be looking down it slantways soon enough.

Hit Die: d12
Primary Attribute: Strength
Saving Throw Proficiencies: Strength & Constitution
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Light and Medium Armor, Shields, Simple and Martial Weapons
Equipment: One martial weapon, two simple weapons.


Likkered Up: The drink dulls the senses and feeds the rage. If inebriated, you can enter Likkered Up as a bonus action, and it lasts for one minute. While fighting Likkered Up, you have the advantage on Strength checks and saving throws, you gain a bonus to Strength-based melee attacks, and you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

Drunkard’s Dance: While you are not wearing any armor, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Dexterity mod + your Constitution mod. If you are not wearing any clothes at all, gain an additional +2 AC. This can be used in conjunction with a shield.

Wild Swing: (Level 2) When you make your first attack on a turn, you can declare a Wild Swing. You gain advantage on strength-based melee attacks, but attack rolls against you have advantage until your next turn.

Brawler’s Sense (Level 2): You have advantage on Dexterity saves against effects that you can see.

Fists Flying (Level 3): While Likkered Up, you can make a single melee attack as a bonus action. When you stop being Likkered Up you suffer one level of exhaustion.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 4)

Extra Attack (Level 5)

Roll With It (Level 5): When an attacker that you can see hits you, you can expend your reaction to halve the damage from that attack.

Foggy Noggin (Level 6): You cannot be charmed or frightened while Likkered Up. If you are charmed or frightened, the effect is suspended until you cease being Likkered Up.

Eye for Trouble (Level 7): You have advantage on Initiative rolls. If you are surprised, you may act on the first round, but only if you immediately become Likkered Up.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 8)

Lowered Inhibitions (Level 9): You roll one additional die for damage on melee criticals.

Tavern Tales (Level 10): You can cast Legend Lore as a ritual.

Don’t Know When You’re Beat (Level 11): If you drop to 0 HP while Likkered Up, make a DC 10 Constitution check. If you succeed, you drop to 1 HP instead. You may do this multiple times, but the DC increases by 5 each time.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 12)

No Inhibitions (Level 13): You roll two additional dice for damage on melee criticals.

WHUZZAT!? (Level 14): When you take damage from a creature within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to make a melee attack against that creature.

Swingin’ for the Bleachers (Level 15): You crit on 18-20.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 16)

What Inhibitions? (Level 17): You roll three additional dice for damage on melee criticals.

Unbreakable (Level 18): If your total for a Strength check is less than your Strength score, you can use your Strength score instead of the total.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 19)

500 Fights (Level 20): Your Strength and Constitution increase by 4 each.


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