Bretony came into existence as a small collection of fishing villages and logging camps on the island now known as Weissburg, united by convenience and geographical proximity. Their access to a large supply of lumber and lucrative trade routes with the neighboring city-states allowed them to expand quickly and soon they were the dominant naval power in the region. However, they chafed under the rule of the Pantheon atop nearby Olympia.

All of that changed with the arrival of the god Weiss. A champion of the people, Weiss led a rebellion against the Pantheon, commanding that the Bretonians pay no more tithes to the greedy and uncaring gods. He was called before the other gods to answer for his betrayal. No mortal eyes saw what happened in that counsel of the gods, but with a crack that rang throughout the world Olympia was destroyed and the once-powerful gods scattered and flung to earth, stripped of much of their power.

Sophia, high priestess of Weiss, took charge of the Bretonian fleet and led an expedition into the ruins of Olympia where they discovered their god sleeping. A shrine was built to protect the god until he awoke, and around that arose a palace, and soon a city. Sophia was declared the first Divine Consort, Bride of the Sleeping God, and she went on to found the Bretonian Empire as it currently exists. In the centuries since then it has conquered many of the immediately surrounding nations and spread its influence further, and many whisper that Weiss will not awaken until his empire has spread to every corner of the world.

The kingdom of Bretony encompasses about a score of islands surrounding the former mountain of Olympia. The largest of those islands, Weissburg, is bordered on its southern edge by a small mountain range and is home to the largest redwood forest in the known world. The surrounding islands tend toward the rocky and desolate, their economy centered around fishing and occasionally the herding of goats.

Bretony is ruled by the Divine Consort. Her word is unquestioned law. The running of the empire is handled by the military, namely the Royal Navy on the seas and the Royal Marines in Bretonian ports and inland cities. All positions of political power are appointed, and a massive military bureaucracy has arisen to govern the empire and respond to the needs of the people.

Bretony’s four provinces are each governed by a provincial governor appointed directly by the Consort. Those governors wield absolute power over their provinces, though the locals tend to be less willing to acknowledge their authority. Bretony’s grasp on its provinces is not as firm as those higher up in the government believe.

People of Interest
Divine Consort Althea

Provincial Governors
Governor Margaret “Iron Maggie” Malone
Governor Klaus Rooker
Governor Natalya Dumont
Governor Otto Chamberlain

The Queen’s Justice
Brother Catenus
Brother Laqueus
Sister Leta
Sister Morsa
Sister Termina


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