Dicers are simultaneously some of the most subtle and most dangerous users of magic throughout the Endless Isles. While other magi shape reality through the careful application of magical principals and the channeling of divine power, Dicers simply grab hold of the fabric of fate and twist. Through an intuitive grasp of magical theory Dicers warp the laws of probability around them, altering the world simply by willing it. These methods are not without their risks, however, and in the long term the Dicer’s greatest enemy tends to be the law of unintended consequences.
Dicers are the only mages in the Endless Isles who are beholden to no god for the magical power that they wield. They tend toward self-confidence bordering on madness, and some believe that they unknowingly damage their own minds every time they alter the world around them. Scholars of magic fear far darker side effects to Dicers’ powers, and some theorize that they risk damaging the natural order beyond repair.


Spellcasting: See Dicer Spellcasting

Sorcery Points: (Level 2) Dicers gain and can use sorcery points as described in the Sorcerer section of the PHB.

Toying With Fate: Every time a Dicer casts a spell of level 1 or higher, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table to create a random magical effect.

Loaded Dice You can manipulate chance to gain advantage on any one attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. You cannot use this ability again until your next Wild Magic Surge.

Metamagic: (Level 3) Gain one Metamagic option from the Sorcerer section of the PHB.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 4)

Stack the Deck: (Level 6) When another creature you can see makes an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can spend two sorcery points to roll 1d4 and add or subtract it to the final total.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 8)

New Metamagic Option (Level 10)

Ability Score Improvement (Level 12)

Wheel of Fortune: (Level 14) Whenever you experience a Wild Magic Surge, roll twice on the table and choose the desired result.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 16)

New Metamagic Option (Level 17)

Chaos Theory (Level 18) You’ve unlocked some of the higher-order mysteries of the world, things that man was not meant to know. As an action you can draw back the curtain, revealing the universe in all of its terror and glory. Spend five sorcery points, and for one minute every hostile creature within 60 feet of you must make a wisdom save and either be charmed or frightened until the revelation ends.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 19)


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