Free Nations Profile

Free_Nations_Woman_1.jpgThe Free Nations (or the Pirate Nations as they are officially known in Bretony) are the various small city-states on the outskirts of Bretonian territory. Numbering in the hundreds, they range from independent-minded fishing villages to allied confederations of towns to fleets of ships that have declared themselves independent nations. Before the rise of Bretony, these nations thrived in the relatively lawless waters south of Arcadia, and made their fortunes through both piracy and honest trade.

Free_Nations_Man_1.jpgThe rise of Bretony was at first seen as a boon by many of the Free Nations, who assumed that the larger country would bring increased trade as well as protection against Arcadian privateers. However, the Free Nations have watched with increasing trepidation as Bretony has swallowed up its closest neighbors and turned its hungry eyes outward. While diplomatic relations remain between Bretony and the majority of its neighbors, the Bretonian navy has grown ever bolder about seizing Free ships as “pirates” and claiming their cargo. The Free Nations have fought among themselves for centuries, and some believe it is too late for them to band together to save themselves from the grasp of Queen Althea.

Artful Dodgers: Citizens of the free nations spend their lives swinging from ships’ riggings and crossing swords with Bretonian marines. Free Nations characters start with +2 DEX.

Devil’s Dice: Some in Bretony say that dark powers watch over the pirates of the Free Nations. The free people figure they’re just lucky. When a citizen of the Free Nations rolls a 1 on any attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, he or she may reroll the die and must keep the new value.

Free Nation Adventurers:
Adventurers from the Free Nations come in all shapes and sizes, from farmboys and fishermens’ daughters looking to make their fortune in the wider world, to grizzled buccaneers expanding their empires into more civilized lands. The one thing shared by all adventurers from the Free Nations is their fierce independence, and any who seeks to enforce his will upon such an adventurer will likely soon find himself on the wrong end of a sword or pistol.

Free Nations Profile

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