A cluster of small fertile islands set in the mild climate between Bretony and Vittoria, Galway has until recently enjoyed a rather blessed history. Perfectly suited for farming and livestock, Galway is otherwise devoid of any valuable resources, and has been left in peace for generations. Its ruling dynasty has kept the occasional land squabble from growing into anything greater. Unheeded by their neighbors, the people of Galway have grown into a thriving kingdom and a minor naval power.

All of that changed, however, with the rise of Vittoria. As the mighty nation to its north expanded, Vittorian pirates and slavers began raiding Gallic ships, crippling the young kingdom’s economy. On the brink of invasion and certain destruction, Galway found salvation in the might of Bretony. By willingly submitting itself as a province to the larger kingdom, Galway came under its protection, and soon the might of the Bretonian fleet was brought to bear to drive back the Vittorians. Galway is now the front line in the cold war brewing between the two major powers, and Gallic soldiers and sailors await the day when they will once again be forced to fight for their homeland.


Unlike its closest neighbors, Galway has few major landmasses. Even its capitol city, Ennisport, is made up of a number of smaller islands linked together by causeways. The majority of the kingdom is rolling green hills and sparse forests, with a few mountainous islands toward the south and massive cliff faces now dotted with military outposts facing to the north.

Until its recent annexation by Bretony, Galway was ruled over by a dynasty of kings, who generally left day-to-day governance to the mayors and town councils of the various communities. Due to their unique relationship with Bretony, even though Galway is now under the control of a provincial governor, the king has retained a great deal of his power, and the two of them are in fact close friends.


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