Galway Profile

Galway_Man_2.jpgGalway is a once-peaceful nation caught between two of the greatest powers in the Endless Isles. The farmers and shepherds of the Emerald Bastion have taken up arms to fight side by side with Bretony against the Arcadian invaders. As their fields have burned and their sacred groves have been soaked in blood the Galway have only grown more resolute. They will drive off this foreign scourge and know peace again one day.

Galway_Woman_2.jpgGalway is an agrarian kingdom, with the majority of its citizens living on farms or in small villages on the coast. All pledge loyalty to the king, and aside from his small force of constables the kingdom previously had no standing army. Now every citizen of Galway is a soldier, and every island a potential battlefield. Even the kingdom’s pirates and smugglers have signed on to a man as privateers in the service of the Royal Bretonian Navy and tasked with harrying the Arcadian supply lines. In a matter of months Galway has gone from a pastoral backwater to a nation of hardened guerilla warriors.

Character Traits:

Only War: Every citizen of Galway has spent the past three years fighting against the Arcadian invaders. Galway characters begin the game with +2 Strength

Galway Grit Citizens of the Emerald Bastion have faced down the might of empires, and cower in the face of no enemy. Galway characters have advantage on saving throws against fear.

Gallic Adventurers:
Many Gallic commoners have been displaced from their homes by the war between Arcadia and Bretony, and of those some have chosen to leave their homeland for less violent waters. Gallic citizens were raised under the constant threat of attack, and many pirate crews and mercenary companies value them for their combat prowess and discipline. Many of them have also enlisted in the Bretonian navy, the better to defend their homeland. Galway is a land of ancient gods and magic, and while they have embraced their Bretonian allies in most ways, they have fought to protect their traditions in the face of strong pressure from Bretony to conform to the Queen’s Edict. As such, many Gallic magic users have fled their homeland as well, for fear that as soon as Arcadia is driven out of Galway the Royal Witch Hunters will not be far behind.

Galway Profile

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