Healing and Resurrection

The human body is incredibly complex, and properly repairing it is one of the most difficult feats of magic known to man. It can be done, but there is always a cost.

Hosts can call upon their gods to heal the wounded. This is the safest form of healing known; however, it relies entirely on the cooperation of the god. If you offend your healer’s deity somehow you may find your wounds refusing to close in the heat of battle, despite their best efforts. If the offense is grave, their attempt at healing may even harm you further.

Stitches heal using their own magical weaves, and thus are not subject to the whims of the gods. However, they possess only the ability to rearrange flesh, not create it from nothing, and so their healing exacts a toll on the body of the person healed. For every five points of damage a Stitch heals, the healed takes a single point of ability damage to a random physical ability. This damage is healed by a long rest.

Limbs severed by critical hits can only be healed by Stitches. The gods lack the detailed understanding of human physiology necessary to create a hand or a leg from nothing, and the best they can do is heal over the stump. If a Stitch is able to treat a severed limb within ten minutes of the injury they can regrow the limb over the course of several hours of excruciating agony. The healed character takes 4 points of Constitution damage that last for one week, but regains full use of the severed limb. If the limb itself is available to be reattached, the healed character can forego the long healing process and the Constitution damage, though the healing still must take place within 10 minutes of the initial injury.

Dead characters can be brought back to life by a powerful enough Host if the caster is able to reach them the round after they die. The resurrected character will be bound to the healer’s god and will be expected to perform a great service for them or have the life that was given taken back again.

Healing and Resurrection

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