When the gods were cast down from Olympia their power was forever broken and they were left to wander the earth, angry and frightened. Many of them despaired and turned feral or were warped into horrible monsters by their own rage. But some managed to keep their wits about them. They searched out worthy humans and entered into pacts with them, granting them a portion of the god’s power in return for them lending the god their form and substance. In this way, the fallen gods were able to keep their sanity and continue to work their will upon the world through these Hosts. These fallen gods develop sometimes companionable, sometimes contentious relationships with their Hosts, but the two of them tend to be united in their desire to survive in the face of a world that sees them as a threat to be destroyed.


Spirit Vision: Through the eyes of their patron spirit, the Host can see divinity hidden around them. As an action, the Host can open up their awareness to such beings, becoming aware of any divine or infernal presence within their direct eyesight.

Divine Healing A Host can channel his patron’s power to heal wounds. You have a healing pool equal to 5 x Host level to draw from. As an action you can touch a creature and restore hit points until that pool is expended. You may also expend five points from the pool to remove any one disease or poison. The pool replenishes after a long rest.

Spellcasting: See Host Spellcasting.


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