“Haec Parve Laedat.” – Unofficial Motto of the Royal Chirurgeons’ Society. Roughly translates to “This may hurt a bit.”

While Royal Artillerymen are the most famous of commissioned mages, the majority of those trained in the arcane arts at the Royal Academy are trained as Royal Chirurgeons. Skilled battlefield medics, Stitches spend equal time studying human anatomy and medicine as they do studying protective and healing magic. They tend to be beloved by their fellow Royal Marines, as there are few soldiers who have not at some point or another been brought back from the brink of death by a Stitch.
While Artillerymen are strictly forbidden from making any modifications to the magical techniques passed down to them, Stitches are given slightly more leniency to experiment with their techniques. While this has led to a great deal of medical advancement throughout the Empire, it has also given birth to a shady underground of Stitches who apply their knowledge and skills to less savory experimentation. The line between a creative genius and a mad witch marked for death can be very fine for a Stitch.

Spellcasting: See Stitch Spellcasting

Gifted Healer: Healing spells that you cast heal an additional 2+ the spell’s level hit points.

Pulse of Life (Level 2): As an action, you send a pulse of healing magic into the surrounding area, accelerating the natural healing of your allies. You restore a number of hit points equal to five times your stitch level, divided across any number of people within 30 feet of you. This ability can only be used once before a short or long rest.

Symbiotic Healing (Level 6): When you cast a spell that heals another creature, you automatically heal yourself for 2 + the spell’s level hit points as well.

Surgical Strike (Level 8): With just a slight twist your mending magic can cause flesh to rend and bone to splinter. Once per turn when you hit an opponent with an attack you can cause that attack to deal an extra 1d8 damage.

Do No Harm (Level 14): The damage from your Surgical Strike ability is increased to 2d8.

Master Chirurgeon (Level 17): Your healing spells automatically heal for their maximum amount.


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