The Endless Isles have always been ravaged by great and terrible storms, some natural, some the manifestation of angry spirits. Once the people of the isles were simply forced to cower in their homes, emerging only to sift through the rubble and bury the dead. But a benevolent weather spirit took pity on the people and taught a number of the wisest shamans a ritual that would allow them to bind the most catastrophic storms and save themselves from destruction. The ritual required the storms to be bound into the bodies of newborn babies, who would grow up to be figures of fear and respect in their villages: Tempests.

Tempests are considered holy men and women, keeping the entire community safe through their sacrifice. As they grow older they learn some limited control over the weather, and are instrumental in ensuring good harvests and bringing ships safely into harbor. But however benevolent the Tempest may be, there is always a storm raging inside. The older and more powerful they become, the more difficult it becomes for them to control their emotions, and the more prone they are to outbursts of temper. Eventually most Tempests leave their homes for the good of those they love and live out their days in seclusion.

Tempests can be found across the Endless Isles, and their nature varies accordingly. Galway Tempests are brash and daring, while Grimstad tempests tend to be as cold and merciless as the brutal ice storms of their homeland. The Monsoons of Orlean are slow to rouse but unstoppable when set on a course, and the Sandstorms of Arabi are paragons of roiling, barely-contained rage. Bretony is the only kingdom that has no Tempests (and considers them witches to be burned), and it has caused them their greatest naval disadvantage.


Spellcasting: See Tempest Spellcasting

Sorcery Points: (Level 2) Tempests gain and can use sorcery points as described in the Sorcerer section of the PHB.

Static Field: Powerful currents of lightning run through your skin, creating a minor electromagnetic field that protects you from damage. You gain an additional hit point per Tempest level, and when unarmored your AC is 13 + DEX.

Metamagic: (Level 3) Gain one Metamagic option from the Sorcerer section of the PHB.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 4)

Heart of Storms: (Level 6) When you cast a cold or lightning spell, add your Charisma modifier to the damage. You may spend one Sorcery Point to gain resistance to both damage types for one hour.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 8)

New Metamagic Option (Level 10)

Ability Score Improvement (Level 12)

Tempest-tossed: (Level 14) You gain enough control of the winds to levitate and fly at will. You may not use this ability while wearing armor.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 16)

New Metamagic Option (Level 17)

Hurricane Force (Level 18) You’re able to channel energies through your body that would reduce a lesser person to ash. If you roll damage for a spell and roll the highest number on any of the dice, choose one of the damage dice, roll it again, and add both results to your total.

Ability Score Improvement (Level 19)


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