What are all these Classes

Endless Horizons is intended as a streamlined, role-playing-heavy experience. As such, I have taken a number of 5th Edition classes, cut away anything that bores me, and tailored them specifically to the setting. I’m open to negotiation if there is anything you would like to add to/subtract from your class, but here are the basic ideas:

Martial Classes:

Brawler (Barbarian): Your classic barbarian with the twist that instead of fighting better when he’s angry, he fights better when he’s drunk. Still an in-your-face fighter, but less proud warrior tradition, more puking behind pubs.

Godborn (Monk): Born of illicit trysts between gods and mortals (think Hercules). Capable of inhuman physical feats, very good and jumping around and punching. Widely feared and hunted, so you may end up keeping your powers on the DL or going on the run.

Man-At-Arms (Fighter): Pretty much a fighter. Lots of flavor versatility, since this class can encompass ex-soldiers, mercenaries, more fighty pirates, musketeers, or basically anyone else who hurts people for a living.

Pirate (Rogue): The other most versatile class, flavorfully. Like a rogue but in a boat. Pretty much any spy or criminal who is into sneaking and subterfuge and throat-cutting could qualify as a pirate.

Treasure Hunter (Ranger): Swashbuckling, bushwhacking, braving-the-wilds types. Think less Aragorn son of Arathorn, more Indiana Jones. Plus take a monkey or a parrot as an animal companion!

Caster Classes:

Blastmage (Wizard): Trained at the Academy in Bretony, all Blastmages are going to be ex-military. The name pretty much says it all: they make things go boom and that’s about it.

Dicer (Sorcerer): Loose cannon spellcasters who twist the laws of probability toward their own ends. Traffic largely in buffs and debuffs as well as a few utility spells. Tend to be a little off their rockers.

Host (Cleric/Paladin-ish?): Mortals who’ve made deals with fallen gods to carry their essence in exchange for their powers. Sometimes the gods can be tetchy about things, and the powers won’t work the way the host hopes. Healer/combat class with split personality issues.

Stitch (Cleric/Wizard-ish?): Healers either trained at the Academy or taught the healing arts by a previous Stitch. Good at putting people back together and, in the proper circumstances, tearing them apart. Healers/buffers, their tendency to experiment on their subjects has earned them a bit of a mad scientist reputation.

Tempest (Sorcerer): Storms bound into human bodies, Tempests are able to fling lightning and control the weather, though they can never control the storm that rages… INSIDE. Cannon/utility casters who are very useful in naval engagements.

What are all these Classes

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