The current political center of our corner of the Endless Isles is Bretony, which has arisen as the dominant naval, military, and religious power over the course of the past few centuries. The capital of Bretony is Albion, the White City, nestled in the ruins of Olympia. It is here that the current Divine Consort sits the throne and rules over the empire. If Albion is the head of the empire, Weissburg is its beating heart. A bustling naval metropolis on the northern tip of a heavily forested island, Weissburg is the industrial center of Bretony and the most populous city in the known world.

Bretony is surrounded by its four provinces, foreign city-states that have been brought under the direct control of Bretony. While ostensibly part of the empire, the provinces retain much of their own culture and independence, and this can sometimes lead to conflict with the provincial governors.

Orlean is the name given to the loose conglomeration of city-states in the marshy region directly south of Bretony. Shrouded in fog and criss-crossed with treacherous and confusing waterways, Orlean has always proven difficult to govern in any traditional sense. Harahan, the province’s capital, is the second-largest port in the known world, and is a hotbed of smuggling, piracy, bribery, and other crime both major and minor.

Arabi is the province to the west of Bretony, formerly a powerful nation in its own right. A gateway to several wealthy Free States, and rich in luxury goods itself, Arabi has long been a thriving merchant state, and when the Bretonian navy arrived on their doorstep they chose to submit willingly to the more powerful nation. As a result they have been granted unparalleled freedom among the provinces, and many Arabi nobles possess more wealth and power than their Bretonian counterparts.

Grimstad, to the east, is a harsh and unforgiving land of snow-covered islands and treacherous, icy waterways. Due to its rich deposits of coal and iron, Grimstad was the first province seized by Bretony, and its people have remained in a state of semi-open rebellion for the centuries since. The provincial governor rules with an iron fist, and assignment to Grimstad is considered a punishment detail among the Bretonian military, for it is said that if the winter chill doesn’t kill you then an “accident” arranged by the locals likely will.

Galway lies along the northern border between Bretony and Arcadia, and has been devastated by the war between the two great powers. After centuries of victimization at the hands of Vittorian privateers and slavers, Galway was all too glad to accept the protection and military support of Bretony. Galway contributes more soldiers to the Royal Navy than any of the other provinces, and they are fiercely loyal to their Imperial protectors.

While the Royal Society of Cartographers has funded multiple expeditions in hopes of mapping the boundaries of the archipelago, no explorer has ever discovered an end to the Endless Isles. Some scholars theorize that there are entire civilizations hidden away in other parts of the Isles which have never been contacted.


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