Endless Horizons

The Tragic Fate of the Invincible

In Which Our Heroes Set Off to Sea


“The pirates thought their fate was sealed/upon the gallows high,
They gathered their courage and held their backs straight/and readied themselves to die,
When from the depths there came a beast/foul, ravenous, and great,
and dragged the great ship to its doom/and set them to their fate.”

-The Ballad of the Roundtable Pirates by Rothas Menteur (work in progress)

At a hidden naval base deep within Bretonian waters, construction was well underway on a massive ironclad warship with which the Bretonian Navy hoped to crush Arcadia once and for all. Built in utmost secrecy, the ship was constructed by crews of death row prisoners, who were almost certainly bound for a watery grave upon the completion of their task. As fortune would have it, a new convoy of prisoners arrived just in time to witness the tragic fate of the mighty warship.
By chance, by design, or as a dreadful answer to the Bretonian Navy’s hubris, a mighty leviathan rose up from the depths, seemingly intent on dragging the ship below. Seizing the initiative, a group of pirates, cutthroats, and degenerates made a break for it, fighting their way past the blindly loyal Colonel Thaddeus and making their escape from the ruins of the naval yard clinging desperately to a floating table. As a massive storm sweeps them away, what new perils does the merciless sea have in store for them?

Experience Gained:
150 XP for defeating Colonel Thaddeus
100 XP for escaping from the wreck of the Invincible
50 bonus XP for breaking free from the chain gang
= 300 XP/character

Loot Lost:
All worldly possessions.

Loot Gained:
One (1) set of keys
Eight (8) feet of sturdy chain
Two (2) sets of Queensiron Manacles
One (1) fancy but ill-fitting naval colonel’s coat
One (1) ceremonial officer’s sabre
One (1) kitten, slightly damp


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The Tragic Fate of the Invincible
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