Endless Horizons

The Jaws of Eastwick

In Which a Ship is Acquired


Returning to the village of Eastwick, the Castaways found the town in chaos. Carver, the magistrate’s right-hand man, had withdrawn the garrison to the twin forts guarding the harbor, the Jaws, and turned their cannons on the town. The Castaways fought through Carver’s loyalists and an infestation of horrifying grub-creatures and confronted Carver atop the northernmost of the Jaws, where they pushed him to his death on the jagged rocks below. Carver was not alone, however, and the band were confronted by the Glutton, a fallen god who had been posing as the Magistrate’s son Leland and boosting the Magistrate’s fortunes in exchange for regular sacrifices. The Castaways managed to defeat the Glutton and finally free Eastwick from the Magistrate’s cursed rule.

In exchange for saving the town from Carver the Castaways were allowed to take the Magistrate’s newly-commissioned frigate, The Bountiful Maiden, and finally at sea again they set out for new adventures…

Experience Gained:
300 XP for defeating Lieutenant Sebastian Carver
500 XP for defeating The Glutton
200 XP for acquiring The Bountiful Maiden

Loot Gained:
The Bountiful Maiden


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